In my basement.

This morning I woke up at 5am. I had 1/2 protein shake and 1/2 a banana, then I did something that used to define my day. Something I haven’t done for 6 months. I did an AM workout. A full blown, dripping in sweat workout. Dripping from my elbows and knees, pushed as hard as I could. In my basement.

I did a TRX workout. I bought the TRX when I moved

thinking it would be a great tool to workout with at home. Turns out though – I don’t like working out at home. I like the gym. I like the artificial lighting, and the air conditioning, and all the shiny equipment all lined up just waiting for me to lift and pull and push and triumph. The gym makes me feel great. I like to watch the other people working out. The muscle heads, the cardio queens, those just starting out – I love to see them pushing themselves,  I admire their dedication, and think of them as kindred spirits.

In my basement, I am alone. There’s no bright lights, no ‘friends’ pushing themselves further than the day before. It’s just me, my ipod, a skipping rope and some crazy straps mounted to my ceiling. I haven’t been able to really get ‘in’ to this kind of workout. I miss lifting things. I miss the atmosphere. I miss the pump that I get from weights. But, this is me being rigid. Wanting things to be exactly the same. Wanting to re-create my old routines in a new place, and it just doesn’t work here.

I need to adapt. To be flexible. To be comfortable alone. On my own. In the basement. Just me, my sweat and I. And the TRX is an amazing workout, even without the shiny equipment, the heavy weights, the air conditioning and the fluorescent lighting I love.


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