Setting myself up for success

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you only do it when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

Google attributes this quote to Art Turock, but I stole it from Facebook.

I had a great post here about my food prep for the week, but somehow it disappeared. I guess I need to learn more about the technical aspect of blogging.

What I was saying was- thought Monday was a holiday for me (Happy Birthday Canada; happy moving day to Quebec), I made sure to get up early and do my workout, and spend some time doing all my food prep. Having my food prepped in advance sets me up for success for the week. Every time I’m hungry, I just need to reach for the already prepared well-balanced meal that I cooked today. This really saves me from eating out at lunch, but also from scrambling for dinners.

photo (30)

To do all this cooking at once isn’t so bad, since you can multi-task by perparing multiple things at once. I also brought the laptop into the kitchen and turned on Netflix to watch while I cooked.

I started with a double batch of my favourite protein pancakes from Meals & Moves blog, substituting half greek yogurt and half unsweetened applesauce for the cottage cheese because I forgot to pick some up. They still turned out flawlessly.

photo (34)

I rocked dual frying pans to cook them to save some time. I use a ladle to measure them out. Two pancakes is a serving. I cooked a week’s worth of the pancakes with a few extras to have in case I’m ravenous, and store them in the fridge. They stay fresh in a tupperware container for the week. I re-heat mine every morning for 1 mins 20 seconds and add a little maple syrup and raspberries. I’m sure you could toast them too – but when I make them with a ladle they don’t fit.

Next I worked on chicken thighs. I’ve switched to chicken thighs lately, because I have eaten A LOT of chicken breasts in the past few years- as in so much I am of sick of baked chicken breasts.  Thighs have a little extra fat, some darker meat and more flavour, so for me its a win. I baked enough chicken thighs to have 3 per day, plus some extras for dinners when I forget to defrost a protein or am too tired to cook.


Then while those were cooking, I added some sweet potatoes straight into the oven to bake, and started cutting veggies.


I made a bunch of baggies of mixed raw vegetables for snacking, but also created a roast veggie dish by adding large cut up vegetables to a pan with a few tbsps of minced garlic mixed with olive oil. Its delicious.


I roast the vegetables at 350 for about 40 minutes, stirring halfway through.

While the vegetables were cooking, I made some “turkey muffins” inspired by the Jamie Eason recipe.  Essentially they are just giant meatballs made of ground turkey. I used chopped celery, chopped yellow pepper, cumin and chili in mine, and baked them for 40 mins at 350. I didn’t take a photo, but you can see them in the smaller tupperware containers below. They’re an easy to eat protein to carry with you. Last week if I was on the go in the afternoon, I’d throw the small container with the meatball and the baggie of veggies in my purse to eat on the go.

Once all my food is cooked, I go one step further and package it into individual meals, making the whole ‘grab and go’ thing that much easier.

photo (31)

and my leftovers for dinners when needed

photo (33)

So, there you have it. My meal plan will look like this:

Meal 1: 2 protein pancakes, fruit

Meal 2: Green smoothie (protein powder, half a banana, mango chunks, and a whole lotta spinach)

Meal 3: Chicken thighs, 1/2 baked sweet potato, roasted veggies

Meal 4: Giant meatball, raw veggies.

Meal 5: protein + a salad

Meal 6: if I’m hungry, I eat some greek yogurt with some almond butter mixed in.

Does anyone else pre-cook all their food? How do you stick to healthy eating for the week?


2 thoughts on “Setting myself up for success

    • Nope! I find it pretty cumbersome. I have before using (but with the ap on my phone). I find as long as I focus on eating protein/veg or protein/carb/veg combos at regular intervals I sort of hit that perfect storm of fuelling my workouts properly while losing fat. My weight may not change (because I pack on muscle pretty easily when I’m in a good workout groove), but my measurements sure do.

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