Checking in

I’m nearing the middle of my 21 days challenge, and I have to say, yesterday and today I have been pretty challenging. I’m good at sticking with things when times are good – when I get enough sleep, am feeling good, have my meals prepared…. but when sh*t happens, that’s when I get tested, and sadly, lately that’s when I fail.

But not this week. I’m committed to health and fitness, and that means doing it even when I’m not at my best, even when its not convenient and even when there are other things that I need / want to do.

So, even though I worked super late last night and didn’t get to bed until 1am,  I got up this morning and worked out. I really. didn’t. want. to. I think I cursed at my alarm clock for a good 5 minutes before I got out of bed.

But, I got out of there, I shimmied into my wunderunders and blasted this:

and it was fantastic. Once I was started, I forgot that I was tired, forgot that I didn’t want to be exercising, and even forgot that I hate exercising in my basement. 


I think in the last few months, those months when fitness and I were on a break, I’d forgotten about just how good working out makes me feel. Man, it is good. I feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof. I remember this feeling. Even when I don’t want to exercise, if I just force myself to put on my gym clothes, drive to the gym, and workout for just 5 minutes it feels amazing. I need to bottle that feeling, and take a little sip every time I feel myself slipping. Every time I grumble and don’t want to do it and forget about the high that it gives me and the mental strength that it imparts on my day. I need to keep this going.


2 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. awesome! i was a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and i always told everyone that just give it 10 minutes, then if you still feel tired, sick, blah, then you can go back home – BUT I KNEW THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! I knew that in the first 10 minutes of pumping blood to your brain gets those energy hormones flowing! in addition i always gave my clients a variety of 4 – 6 minute routines that they could slip into their day while making supper, washing dishes, watching TV, bathing kids, cleaning house – never an excuse for not getting in your workout – it is even better for you if it is spread out through the day – i used to challenge all my clients to “counter push-ups” to sculpt those arms and shoulders for summer tank-top season – they used to knock off a set in the kitchen, in the copy or bathrooms at work, window sills of an office — when ever and where ever they could – that was one of my favorite challenges out there! kudos to you for sticking with it!.

    • Its funny, I had sort of forgotten about that workout high that you get that makes all the trouble worthwhile. I don’t know when I lost that, but whenever it was – that would be exactly when I started to struggle with getting workouts in.

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