Have I mentioned my super supportive husband?

Yep. this guy.



When I first started to get serious about working out (read, not doing 30 mins of cardio and calling it a day, but serious weight training with a plan), I was super intimidated of the weight room of the gym. I was afraid of looking stupid, afraid of the muscle heads, basically intimidated about every aspect of it. But I wanted to do it. Bad. 


But this hunky husband wouldn’t hear of it. For the first four weeks of my weight training, he came with me every time. It didn’t matter that he had already finished his own workout earlier in the day.


He came, and he essentially talked me through the workouts. I was following the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer, and after the first 4 weeks I was in the groove and didn’t need him. Until later – the workouts got really hard. The nutrition was tight. I was spent. Nothing left to give. So again, he came with me – but by this time my workouts were longer, and I was doing them at 5 in the morning – so he got up with me, and talked me through it. Even when I looked like this:



in a pile on the floor because I was tired and it was hard. He cheered me on.



For the last little while, since I’ve been eating more, moving less, getting softer, my husband only gave me kind words. “Be easier on yourself,” “moving is stressful,” “you look beautiful” ect. The changes in me didn’t change anything for him.

Now that I’m making an effort to get back to clean eating and training he is right there with me. For my first 5am workout, he set his alarm too, and urged me out of bed. He encouraged me to pick up some new gym clothes as an incentive to keep going. I came home late from work again last night, ravenous, and reached for a ‘morning round’ a sort of breakfast pita, and he said to me “baby, do you want me to make you a chicken breast so you stick to your plan?”

What a hunk.



Having those around you be supportive makes it so much easier to attain your goals. This goes for friends as well. I am so happy to have a group of healthy eating active girl friends who are pursuing similar goals. It is much easier to stick to a plan when those around you are doing it too.

Who helps you achieve your goals?




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