Workin’ it.

My workouts for the past two weeks have been TRX in my basement.

I moved to a new area, and my old gym doesn’t have any locations here.  There is a gym nearby, but their rules are ridiculous such as tank tops are banned (even beautiful lululemon ones), and I REALLY. LOVE. TANK TOPS.


Plus, you can’t circuit train there, which is double ridiculous  So, I said no-thank-you to the gym with the fascist rules on principle.  But I hate to admit that sometimes I think about joining anyway just to have a place to go to lift heavy things up and put them down.

Image(image from here)

Anyway, back to TRX.


(image source)

Anyway, I bought the TRX Forces edition. The link on the website says it sells for $299.95. I think I paid about $130 on sale at a local fitness store.

The reason I went with the Forces edition, was one, because it looks totally badass and I bought into that marketing:

and two; because it came with a progressive 12 week workout plan. I wanted to have the plan because I wasn’t familiar with TRX workouts and wanted something to steer me in the right direction without having to consult youtube for every single workout.  The 12 week plan is divided in three four week phases, each getting progressively more difficult.


(image source)

I have modified the workouts slightly to add in some HIIT intervals to keep my heart-rate up. As I’ve said, I have a good amount of muscle on my body, and want to focus on burning some fat. If you are new to fitness, I would recommend following the plan as written, allowing your body to build some strength during the first phase, then increasing the intensity in the second and third phases to help shed fat.

Here is a sample workout from the first phase:

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

  • Biceps curl (45 secs)
  • Hamstring curl (45 secs)
  • Pushup (16 reps, I don’t use the TRX for this, but you can do a ton of TRX variations for pushups)
  • skip 1 minute
  • Repeat 2x

I then finish with 5 or so minutes of skipping (skip for 1 minute, break for 30 seconds until I reach 5 full minutes of skipping without including the breaks).

This is one of the more simple workouts from the 12 week plan, and its available for free when you download the TRX ap, that’s why I shared it here. I started with the Phase 2 workouts this week and they are challenging – many more combined exercises (think row-to-chestpress-to-Y fly as one exercise).

I was literally drenched when I was done my workout yesterday AM.

photo (40)

TRX is a really easy at-home workout. The kit comes so that you can ‘mount’ it using only a small strap and a closed door (nothing to screw in).

My hunky husband mounted mine to the support beam in our basement. There is drywall overtop of a massive solid wood beam. He used really long deck screws (about 3 inches long) – we have tested it, it holds our entire body weight with ease.

photo (41)

photo (42)

The kit came with these posters that I haven’t put up, but I refer to as needed during a workout to keep proper form.

photo (44)

So there you have it.  These three little things give me a killer workout. I don’t love it as much as I love going to a regular gym, but I have to give credit where credit is due: there is absolutely nothing more I need than these three things to get back into great shape.

photo (43)

And quickly, because I want to be fair: I have to say that I find TRX is giving me a much more balanced strength than traditional weight training did. Each exercises forces both arms / legs to work separately, so your dominant appendage can’t take up the extra slack. Two weeks of this and I’m doing single leg squats like a boss.


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