Getting off the pill.

I’ve been on the pill (the birth control pill that is) since I was 14 or so. I tried to get off it once because I wanted a break, but the painful periods and cystical acne I suffered were a major deterrent.

Well, those things, but also the fact that I went bat-shit crazy from the hormones. If you think my hunky husband is a saint because of this, well, double that assessment because I was a crazy bad ass monster who routinely went into fiery fits of rage, then collapsed into tears. Back on the pill and boom! Gone!

So, I’m still on the pill and honestly I don’t really want to be. I’ve been pumping myself full of artificial hormones since I was 14, and I would really prefer not to. I’m not trying to get pregnant, I’m just trying to give my body a bit of a break, a detox if you will. Honestly, I am a little afraid to risk the pain, the acne, and the bat-shit craziness, BUT and it’s a big BUT, I moved, I haven’t found (ahem or even tried to find) a doctor yet, and I’m outta pills, so….. I’m trying it. It has been about three weeks. My face is full of pimples. I like to think they make me look younger. Maybe people think I look 16 again??? Nahhh I never had pimples like this at 16! I really need to see a naturopath to regulate this but again, haven’t found one, not quite desperate enough to look yet.


(Cool map of acne and what it associated to in your body. Mine is my cheeks and sort of my jaw line. I’ve read this is hormonal, and in my experience it surely is, but according to this map it is colon and stomach related).

Here’s what I’ve been doing in the interim:

– extra omega 3. I use this one

Omega is good for the skin (and practically everything else) and I’ve read that healthy fats help regulate hormones. I’m taking a tsp in the morning and another in the evening.

– evening primrose oil. Apparently this helps lady hormones

I’m taking two in the morning and two in the evening.

-Estro-Sense. I have no idea if this works, it has mixed reviews. It says helps cystical acne on the bottle and I’m desperate enough to give it a whirl.


– trying to increase my water intake. I’ve failed at this for this week. Shame on me. My skin looks so much better when I’m properly hydrated.

-I’ve been paying extra attention to my skin care regime. However I don’t find this helps at all-  acne for me is a symptom of something going on inside, not outside. I cleanse with oil in the evening and use an Origins cleanser in the morning after working out.

So, at this point, three weeks in- I am really really tempted to say screw it, and go back on the pill. But, I’m going to try to be patient and give it 3-6 months to even out. More than half my life of hormones can’t be reversed in three weeks, at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I dab on the concealer. Pimples aren’t easy when you’re 31. Maybe if I’d had more as a teenager I’d be better prepared for this!

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms when they went off the pill? Any tips? I feel it will be better overall for my health to get off this artificial hormone wagon.



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