21 days in… (well, more like 19 if you’re counting)

Something really magical has happened this week. Working out and eating healthy has gotten easier. Is starting to feel natural again to do all my old habits like constantly carrying around a bag of ‘clean’ food in tupperware, and working out at the butt-crack of dawn.


The first day I noticed it was Monday. My alarm went off at 5, and I just rolled over and got up. I’ve been getting up at 5 most days for the last three weeks, but mostly when the alarm wakes me I curse and whine and want to roll over and wish that I could go to back to sleep. Not Monday, or any other day this week for that matter. I just got up. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t wake up and hear a choir of angels or anything, but it was just like old times. Habit. Which was my goal when I started this whole thing. Making health and fitness a priority again, and making it natural instead of a constant struggle and feeling guilty all. the. time.

Next thing that happened is that with my well planned, well balanced, easily accessible meals my crazy cravings for bad food are starting to diminish. They’re not gone, but I’m not constantly driven to distraction with sweet cravings. I found myself one day eating cold chicken, sweet potato and asparagus out of a Tupperware container in my car so that I wouldn’t be hungry in a meeting and be tempted by the meeting food swag.


It wasn’t an inner battle of “I want all the donuts and don’t want to eat this healthy crap,” it was more like “my body is a temple and needs this good food I cooked, and THEN if I want a donut I can have it.” But I didn’t want a donut. I was full, satisfied and feeling pleased that I stuck with my goal without guilt or pain or anything. I just did it because it is what I know is best!
That is a major win for me.

The issue for me isn’t knowing how to workout or what to eat. I know. It’s doing it. And now I am! Yahoo!

I used to follow a lot of 12 week plans. I liked having a plan to follow, an end goal. But right now, 12 weeks is too much for me. Too distant. 21 days to form a habit, 21 days to achieve the reasonable goal of re-focussing on health and fitness. When I set a small goal and I achieve it, it motivates me to go even further. So, I’m re-committing myself to another three weeks of forcing myself to make the right choices, exercising even when I am lazy, and reaching for the healthy foods first. Small changes really add up, and 21 days in I am already seeing a difference.



One thought on “21 days in… (well, more like 19 if you’re counting)

  1. Undoubtedly you are a very strong willed person and I admire you very much….Keep up the good work….your look tremendous!!!!!…..Love You….lots and lots of hugs and kisses

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