Apple Cider Vinegar

It occurred to me that I’ve been going through an awful lot of apple cider vinegar lately.
Case in point: my nearly empty bottle.


I’ve used Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar a lot of different ways in the past few weeks:

On salads in a home made dressing:


I mix acv, a generous scoop of minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper for a delicious homemade vinaigrette. You can also add a tsp of mustard (any kind) for added kick.


I grew a ton of vegetables for homemade salads this year. We have been eating a salad almost every night with this dressing.


I also use ACV to combat bloating and to make the body more alkaline. It helps with digestion and water retention too. If you’re constipated, a few days of a tsp of acv in warm water will get things moving along smoothly. Tosca Reno, my eat clean idol, swears it helps her ab definition.


It can also help with acne. I’ve been using it as a facial/toner, just gently smoothing it with a cotton ball across my clean face. I don’t have sensitive skin, and have done this lots of times. It gives a great tingly feeling and helps tone and smooth the skin. If you have sensitive skin, I’d be careful with this method.

I’ve been using it to treat yeasty ear infections that my dog Apollo gets from too much swimming. His large floppy ears make for the perfect conditions of yeast growth in his ears.


I mix equal parts acv and warm water in a clean saline bottle and add a few drops to his ears nightly when he is swimming regularly to discourage yeast growth. My stepson was also complaining about his ears from swimming so much, so we put a few drops in his ears too!


Apple cider vinegar is a staple in my kitchen (and bathroom!). What do you use it for? I’ve heard a million different claims about its usage, but can vouch for the above ones myself!


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