Sunday Meal Prep

Another Sunday afternoon spent in the kitchen. I just asked my husband what we used to eat for lunches before I started this bulk cooking stuff. “Sandwiches and granola bars” he said.

Hmmmm. This is better.

This week’s meal plan is as follows:

Pre work out/ post workout:
1/2 protein shake and 1/2 a banana (both before and after workout)

Scrambled egg whites + 1 whole egg
Sautéed peppers and onions
2 slices Ezekiel toast
1 tbsp butter

2nd Breakfast:
Green Smoothie (lots of spinach, handful frozen mango, 1/2 frozen peeled banana, almond milk blended until smooth)

1/2 chicken breast sautéed with onions, splash of coconut milk, cinnamon, cumin and chili
Roasted zucchini or roasted asparagus
Brown basmati rice


Afternoon snack:
Giant chicken meatball (I mixed extra lean ground chicken with some sodium free mexican-y seasoning, some egg whites to stick it all together (only because it was easier to get at the carton of whites than the carton of eggs in the fridge), and a couple of handfuls of large flake oatmeal, formed into balls and baked in corningware at 400 for 30 mins). If you are the recipe using type, try this and change-up the spices if you want a different feel taste.


I will eat the meatball with cucumber with hummus, because my garden is producing them like woah.


Will vary by day but includes one of the following proteins: chicken, bison, wild boar and tuna steaks. And eggs if I’m tired and/or lazy. The meat will be paired with either salads, chopped salads (cucumber salad for sure haha) and a carb (sweet potatoes, brown rice, kamut pasta, even Ezekiel toast if I don’t feel like boiling for rice/pasta).


Night snack if hungry (usually I am lately):
Cottage cheese, stevia and 1 tbsp peanut butter.

For those of you that are interested, this works out to the range of 1800 calories a day (1800 ish as it varies based on dinners) has 192 grams of protein, 178 grams of carbohydrates, 28 grams of fat and 29 grams of sugar. Interestingly enough, half my sugar intake for the day comes from mango, and the other half from the banana

What is on your menu this week?


Favourite Things

So in the spirit of focussing on the positive, I’m going to write about a few of my favourite things.

When the dog barks:


I have two dogs. Apollo, is a 3.5 year old golden retriever who we bought from a breeder. He is the goofiest, cuddliest most loyal dog ever. He has never known anything but kind words, ear rubs and positive reinforcement.

Then there’s Trooper. Trooper is a 1.5 year old shepherd cross (with who knows what but my guess is husky and beagle) who I fostered through a local rescue. He was supposed to be a short-term foster, but his cuteness and charm proved too much to resist, so I adopted him. Or more accurately, he adopted me. This dog is hopelessly devoted to me. He is a little scrappy, highly intelligent, and a little spastic.

These two pups are brothers and best buddies. I really couldn’t have better dogs (well, I could if Apollo would quit counter surfing, and Trooper wouldn’t lose touch with reality with other dogs while he is on leash but that isn’t the point).

When the bees sting:


I’m incredibly lucky to have a yard big enough for a garden, and that everything grew!



There's nothing better than picking fresh veggies for dinner!


When I’m feeling bad:


I don’t even have words enough to describe my love of So Delicious Coconut Creamer in my coffee. And chai tea. I stopped drinking milk a year or two ago when I was following the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer which came with a very specific food/eating plan to follow and it specifically eliminated milk and replaced it with unsweetened almond milk. I’ve never gone back. Almond milk is evil in coffee. It tastes like death and wet worms and Monday mornings all rolled into one. Luckily I found the coconut creamer (queue the choir of angels here). The ingredients aren’t perfectly clean, but when I compare them to the root canal that is drinking coffee with almond milk, I don’t mind so much. It’s totally worth consuming dibasic potassium phosphate for (not that I have any idea what that is).


If dibasic potassium phosphate is going to kill me, please don’t tell me because I really hate almond milk in my coffee.

I simply remember my favourite things…



Whey Isolate to help me recover and grow big muscles (look at those great clean ingredients and no fake sugar!).


New hang out spot where I am currently blogging from with a glass of wine.


I bought it on vacation and it tastes like dessert.


Homemade green juices! My favourite (sadly not my hunky husband’s favourite, but he occasionally chokes them down for me).

.. and then I don’t feel so bad!

Thinking positive thoughts.

You guys, thinking positively is harder than I thought.

I mean, I am really good at having negative sarcasm laden self deprecating thoughts. Really. Good. You’d probably be jealous of how good I am. It’s a hidden talent that I didn’t realize I had. I knew that I’ve been focussing on the negative lately, but I didn’t know how much.

“You look beautiful today” says my hunky husband. It’s 7am, I’m getting dressed for work, makeup done, nice dress on and working on getting my hair to behave. The thing is, the dress is sort of ‘pencil skirt’ style, and I honestly find those things a pain-in-the-ass to walk around in, so I have it janked up to my waist. Janked is a word, just ask any woman who regularly wears pencil skirts and values her leg mobility. Anyway, the first thing I do is dismiss what he is saying to make fun of myself and my ample ass hanging out in that dress.

Whomp whomp whomp….

He meant it as a real compliment, and I knew I was lookin’ cute, but I immediately cast his compliment aside rather than offer a simple thank you.

Fast forward a day or so, and it’s me, my kobo (I’m reading Orange is the New Black after becoming addicted to the Netflix series) and an iced latte in a sunny sunny park on my lunch break. It is just such a perfect afternoon. Except for one thing… I’m surrounded by a ton of similarly minded people and all of their cigarettes. Gross. Disgusting. My hair and clothes will surely stink when I leave here. Why must all of these people smoke? Don’t they know about lung cancer/mouth cancer and the wrinkles (not to mention the STENCH)? Hmmmmmppphhhh I huff. I consider moving. I consider complaining on Facebook. But- I’ve committed to 21 days of positive thinking so I chose to make the best of it. The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, I had an un-interrupted hour with a great book, and these people are enjoying the same thing (albeit with cigarettes). I took a deep errr shallow breath, turned my face to the sun and read my book.

I’m sitting on the train on my way to work, dreading the day ahead for no good reason. I don’t have a deadline, no meetings that I don’t want to attend, just a regular work day, but I am dreading it just due to the fact that I just really want to stay home. I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed. I need a break. So, I harness this thought and try to re-direct my thoughts by saying (in my head of course) “Today is going to be awesome. Today is going to be awesome. Today is going to be awesome.” The absurdity of thinking like this kinda made me smile inside and on the outside too, and I tried to finish the rest of my commute as if I was really excited for the day. And you know what: it kind of worked.

20130813-203313.jpg (source)

21 days of re-directing negative thinking is harder than I thought it would be. I am good at stopping those pesky negative thoughts in their tracks, but not quite so skilled at replacing them with positive ones. It is surprising to me to discover just what a Debbie Downer I’ve become lately, and that is something that I’m going to keep plugging away at- even after the 21 days is up.


What do you do to keep positive?

Negative Self Talk

One thing that I hear fairly frequently from people I know is “you’re too hard on yourself” and I’d like to say that they’re crazy, but- I know that it is true.

They say that you are your own worst critic, and I know that I am mine.

On the one hand, being ‘hard’ on myself makes me strive for more, be more than I thought I could be… It has ensured fitness, academic, personal and professional successes that I might not otherwise have had if I wasn’t so driven.

On the other hand, it results in a lot of negative self talk.

“You look so good!”

Sadly my reply is “Thanks, but I feel so soft and out of shape lately. I was having a hard time workout out for the past few months.”


Wow, your back is looking really muscular.

photo (59)


“Thanks but are you sure those aren’t fat rolls?” (I’m kind of ashamed to even admit that was my response because once I saw a photo of it I was like woah)

I’m beginning to realize that it is a really bad habit.  It spills over into other areas of my life. Focussing on the bad instead of the good. Pushing to do more, be better, instead of valuing what I have, what I’ve done, how far I’ve come. Focussing on the things that I’m unhappy about. Focussing on the things that need work instead of things that I am grateful for.

This morning, for my entire workout I was thinking about how I don’t really like TRX, and mentally planning a purchase of some dumbells, a small barbell and a bench. Why can’t I turn that thought around? TRX may not be my favourite, but it is an awesome workout. It is bringing my muscles back (yay!). I own one (um well actually two) already and have a perfect setup to use them. I can get a full body workout plus cardio and see results using this equipment. Why am I harping on the negative?

So, in my 21 days fashion, I am going to spend the next 21 days working on my inner dialogue. Focussing on the awesome. Ignoring the bad. I’m going to do this with my professional life, my personal life, my health and fitness efforts. Oh an also on general household stuff like not freaking out when my floors are full of dog hairs and the dishes aren’t done, but instead congratulating myself for getting in my workouts and eating healthy foods (we can’t have it all, right?).


I’m curious about how this change is going to affect my life. I know this will be a challenge of epic proportions and I doubt I’ll be able to succeed  but I am going to give this one my best efforts.  I need the mental break. I need to be kind to myself. I need to treat myself with the same kindness I give to others.

A fun workout

This week I’m still on vacation but it is more of a stay-cation consisting of pool time, home organization and some back to school shopping for the step-kidlets. With my wide-open schedule has come GYM TIME!!!! Yay! No TRX in the basement but real fluorescent-lit-humid-from-other people’s-sweat-all-the-equipment-I-love GYM TIME!


I’ve said before, there isn’t a gym close-by that is convenient besides the Crossfit one, but I do actually have two gym memberships. One to Goodlife, which doesn’t have any locations in my new home town, and another to the base gym where hunky husband works.

I wouldn’t normally shell out for two memberships, but I paid in full of the Goodlife one before I found out I’d be moving, and the base gym costs peanuts, so I keep renewing it for the times when I have time to make the 35 min drive.

This week, I’ve had nothing but time:)

Yesterday’s workout was a doozie, and today I can feel it in every muscle of my body. Since the gym is a luxury that I haven’t had much lately, I trained my favourite parts: biceps and triceps. Usually when I workout, I follow a plan, but since I’ve been TRXing, I don’t have a current weight lifting plan so I made it up on the fly.

My workout consisted of 3 sets of 10 reps for each section outlined below. I choose a weight that was tough to complete the last two reps of each set.

– barbell curls
– seated tricep press


– DB hammer curls
mountain climbers

– decline seated bicep curls
hippity hops (otherwise know as lateral bench hops, but I call them hippity hops. Get a sturdy bench, stand alongside it with one foot planted on the bench and the other on the ground, power-up with an explosive movement, landing with your bench foot on the ground on the opposite side and your floor-foot now resting on the bench) one of my favourite plyo moves because it is really FUN

skull crushers
– pulsing squat jumps (pulse for 5, explosive jump up)

– cable tricep pull down
– box jumps onto a bench

Roman chair raises
(I was too tired to superset this)

Arms are my favourite part to work. In fact, I’m kind of like this guy on the inside, even though I know better and wouldn’t actually do this, I’d still like to.

Anyway, I am still feeling this workout in every part of my body. All of my plyometrics kept my heart rate up and had the added benefit of working my legs and behind. Today I did a similar workout, intersecting HIIT intervals into a chest/back workout.

What is your favourite body part to work?



I haven’t been blogging because I was on vacation…


I packed workout gear, but it just didn’t happen.


The beach happened.


Some hiking happened.


A lot of sight seeing happened.



And then some more.



And amongst all of that a lot of eating happened. I always managed a healthy breakfast and lots of water, but beyond that, well… Let’s just say that I was relaxed.

These guys….


…turned into these guys…


And were consumed with abandon.

So was this.

(so good!!)

And several rounds of these…


And this… Which is probably the most buttery thing I’ve ever eaten.


And if you look closer my latte looks like this

(does this look like what I think it looks like? Because I think the milk frother dude was trying to tell me something)

Anyway, it was a week of being easy on myself. Taking time to stop and smell the roses seaweed salt air. But now I’m back, and it’s time to get serious once again.

The first thing I did when I got home was went to the garden and pulled a ton of fresh lettuce to juice. I added it with some questionable celery from the fridge, two lonely apples, and a lemon. Voila instant nutrients and detox juice all in one.


Tomorrow I’m back to workouts and meal planning and feeling re-invigorated after some well needed vacation.