A fun workout

This week I’m still on vacation but it is more of a stay-cation consisting of pool time, home organization and some back to school shopping for the step-kidlets. With my wide-open schedule has come GYM TIME!!!! Yay! No TRX in the basement but real fluorescent-lit-humid-from-other people’s-sweat-all-the-equipment-I-love GYM TIME!


I’ve said before, there isn’t a gym close-by that is convenient besides the Crossfit one, but I do actually have two gym memberships. One to Goodlife, which doesn’t have any locations in my new home town, and another to the base gym where hunky husband works.

I wouldn’t normally shell out for two memberships, but I paid in full of the Goodlife one before I found out I’d be moving, and the base gym costs peanuts, so I keep renewing it for the times when I have time to make the 35 min drive.

This week, I’ve had nothing but time:)

Yesterday’s workout was a doozie, and today I can feel it in every muscle of my body. Since the gym is a luxury that I haven’t had much lately, I trained my favourite parts: biceps and triceps. Usually when I workout, I follow a plan, but since I’ve been TRXing, I don’t have a current weight lifting plan so I made it up on the fly.

My workout consisted of 3 sets of 10 reps for each section outlined below. I choose a weight that was tough to complete the last two reps of each set.

– barbell curls
– seated tricep press


– DB hammer curls
mountain climbers

– decline seated bicep curls
hippity hops (otherwise know as lateral bench hops, but I call them hippity hops. Get a sturdy bench, stand alongside it with one foot planted on the bench and the other on the ground, power-up with an explosive movement, landing with your bench foot on the ground on the opposite side and your floor-foot now resting on the bench) one of my favourite plyo moves because it is really FUN

skull crushers
– pulsing squat jumps (pulse for 5, explosive jump up)

– cable tricep pull down
– box jumps onto a bench

Roman chair raises
(I was too tired to superset this)

Arms are my favourite part to work. In fact, I’m kind of like this guy on the inside, even though I know better and wouldn’t actually do this, I’d still like to.

Anyway, I am still feeling this workout in every part of my body. All of my plyometrics kept my heart rate up and had the added benefit of working my legs and behind. Today I did a similar workout, intersecting HIIT intervals into a chest/back workout.

What is your favourite body part to work?



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