Favourite Things

So in the spirit of focussing on the positive, I’m going to write about a few of my favourite things.

When the dog barks:


I have two dogs. Apollo, is a 3.5 year old golden retriever who we bought from a breeder. He is the goofiest, cuddliest most loyal dog ever. He has never known anything but kind words, ear rubs and positive reinforcement.

Then there’s Trooper. Trooper is a 1.5 year old shepherd cross (with who knows what but my guess is husky and beagle) who I fostered through a local rescue. He was supposed to be a short-term foster, but his cuteness and charm proved too much to resist, so I adopted him. Or more accurately, he adopted me. This dog is hopelessly devoted to me. He is a little scrappy, highly intelligent, and a little spastic.

These two pups are brothers and best buddies. I really couldn’t have better dogs (well, I could if Apollo would quit counter surfing, and Trooper wouldn’t lose touch with reality with other dogs while he is on leash but that isn’t the point).

When the bees sting:


I’m incredibly lucky to have a yard big enough for a garden, and that everything grew!



There's nothing better than picking fresh veggies for dinner!


When I’m feeling bad:


I don’t even have words enough to describe my love of So Delicious Coconut Creamer in my coffee. And chai tea. I stopped drinking milk a year or two ago when I was following the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer which came with a very specific food/eating plan to follow and it specifically eliminated milk and replaced it with unsweetened almond milk. I’ve never gone back. Almond milk is evil in coffee. It tastes like death and wet worms and Monday mornings all rolled into one. Luckily I found the coconut creamer (queue the choir of angels here). The ingredients aren’t perfectly clean, but when I compare them to the root canal that is drinking coffee with almond milk, I don’t mind so much. It’s totally worth consuming dibasic potassium phosphate for (not that I have any idea what that is).


If dibasic potassium phosphate is going to kill me, please don’t tell me because I really hate almond milk in my coffee.

I simply remember my favourite things…



Whey Isolate to help me recover and grow big muscles (look at those great clean ingredients and no fake sugar!).


New hang out spot where I am currently blogging from with a glass of wine.


I bought it on vacation and it tastes like dessert.


Homemade green juices! My favourite (sadly not my hunky husband’s favourite, but he occasionally chokes them down for me).

.. and then I don’t feel so bad!


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