Secrets to the absurdly early workout

I like morning workouts best. They’re out of the way before life can get in the way, before you have a bad day or are too tired or something comes up. I like the feeling of satisfaction that it’s done and the whole day is ahead. I like how starting my day off with exercise helps me make healthier choices throughout the day.

I used to work out consistently at 5am, then I got out of my routine and BAM suddenly getting out of bed before 5am seemed impossible. Every morning my alarm would to and I’d think “noooooooo” and roll over and re-set it for a later wake up. Literally for months I tried to get back on the horse but no dice. I’d get into a routine, a very painful routine that I could manage for a couple of weeks, then I’d quit because it was just. too. hard.

Until now.

I’ve changed things up a bit, and getting up at 4:45am isn’t miserable anymore.

First thing is I go to bed earlier. If I’m getting up at 4:45, I am asleep by 9:00pm. Asleep, as in not in bed on my phone but legitimately asleep. I crawl in bed around 8:30 and relax, read, watch a show ect.

Second thing, I lay out my clothes at night. No fumbling in the dark for an outfit, no socks.


Thirdly, I switched up my iPhone alarm. I used to have one of the annoying ringtones as my alarm. I switched it to play a pump-up workout song (Thunderstruck), and instead of the text saying alarm, I personalized that too (pump it up). I have to say that waking up to a song from my workout playlist certainly gets my blood pumping a little faster.


Fourth, I amped up my normal pre-workout protein shake. Before bed, I brew a cup of coffee, and leave it on the counter overnight to get cold. The next morning I mix my cold coffee with a scoop of vanilla protein and some almond milk. Delicious, and it gives me the jolt that I need to get moving.


Finally, switching up my workouts by purchasing weights to use at home has made me more excited about my workouts- getting up at 445 for something I love doing isn’t half as hard as getting up to suffer through something I felt meh about.

Combine those things together, and I am consistently working out at 5 again without the normal drudgery and the pain.

Do you work out in the morning? I do, usually with company who likes to get his ears scratched during my 1 minute rest breaks.



One thought on “Secrets to the absurdly early workout

  1. Definitely agree with you, everyone thinks I’m insane getting up at 5am but by the end of the day I know I’ll just find any excuse to avoid a workout. My brain’s not awake enough at 5am to think up any excuses- great post!

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