James Wilson: Fitness Maps

Since creating a super-awesome home gym, I’ve been following an at-home 12 week Body Earned My Fitness Maps workout plan, created by the amazing James Wilson.  I initially did James’ 12 week Body Earned gym based plan about a year ago. Sadly, I didn’t take before and after photos, but I felt and looked great by the end of it.


James’ 12 week plan costs $50 for the gym based plan, $55 for the home based plan, or $60 for both.  You also receive a nutritional template, a formula to determine your caloric requirements (or you can use a heart rate monitor), personal coaching from James, additional nutrition help if needed, and access to a private facebook group of individuals who are also doing the same plan.  To purchase the plan, you simply follow the instructions on his facebook page and pay via paypal. I can attest that it is legit and you will promptly receive your workouts (I think he emailed mine the next morning).  After completing weeks 1 – 12, there is an additional 12 weeks worth of workouts available for purchase.  Once I finish all 12 weeks of the home-based workouts, I will be purchasing weeks 13-24.

I can’t say enough about having access to the facebook group. It is a bunch of like-minded individuals cheering one another along, helping one another out and motivating each other.  James personally answers most questions in the group, but many of the other group members also pipe up when they know the answers also. People share recipes, and food plans, struggles and successes.

James is based in Utah, but I initially became familiar with him as he was frequently responding to questions on Jamie Eason’s facebook page which I used to stalk frequent while completing the 12 week LiveFit trainer.  He later created the workouts, which I promptly purchased.  James is a certified personal trainer, through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Corrective Exercise Specialist. He is also certified through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Personal Trainer and Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

james(photo credit to James Wilson – Faith Family and Fitness Facebook Page)

I recommend checking out James’ facebook page, even if you aren’t into purchasing a new program because he frequently posts great tips and tricks about fitness. He has over 14 000 followers right now! He is also launching a new website MyFitnessMap.com.

I am currently on week three of the plan, and actually am loving it even more the second time around. The first time I felt really run and down and wasn’t eating enough to support the intensity of the workouts. This time I have my nutrition down pat a little more, and can really feel the difference.  According to James, “the workouts are progressive in that they start out with circuit training for a couple weeks to either acclimate the body to the exercises” which is perfect for someone newer to working out, or someone who has focussed primarily on body part training.  “Each week the intensity of the workouts slowly progress and allow for better body response to the exercises.” James’ plan incorporates “active rests to keep the heart rate up and help shed fat. The first 5 weeks are only 4 days a week training and then from weeks 6-12, it is 5 days working out. Most people are in and out of the gym (or basement) in 50-60 minutes.” I personally take about 60 minutes per workout at this point, but I am still getting familiar with my new equipment, and sometimes have to stop to convince the dogs to get out of my way.

photo (66)

Since I have a TRX at home, I use it instead of resistance bands for some of the moves in the at-home workouts, particularly leg exercises that require resistance bands.  I find these workouts very challenging, intense and am sweating like a necrophiliac in a zombie movie by the end of them.

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2013_10_19_162116 (1)

So that’s where I am. Three weeks in, feeling wonderful, loving the increased muscle definition I have already noticed, and looking forward to the remaining 9 weeks. Man I am so happy that I bought weights for my basement.

What workouts have you been doing lately?


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