About Me

I’m a healthy food and fitness nut who has lost her way. I’m using this blog as a way to keep me accountable, track my personal progress, and to inspire others who may also be struggling.


I love weight lifting, functional style workouts, and have an unhealthy addiction to Lululemon.

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I live with my husband, two dogs, and two cats (yes, he is a patient man).

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog. Very impressed by your healthy eats. Don’t beat yourself up over screw-ups. I struggle with binge eating and awful digestion and screw up all the time…still trying to breathe and figure out how to deal. Day by day.

    • Also curious what your fitness routine is like? Workout log ? do you count calories or anything? The times you eat? I’m struggling with things and not sure anymore! Ugh.

      • Lately (as in since I’ve been trying to get my sh*t together and workout regularly again), I’ve been doing TRX 4X a week. I do three giant supersets, and jump rope in between each section, and for 5 minutes afterwards. I will do a more detailed post on what working out is like for me. When I had a gym that was easily accessible, I did a 5 day split of weightlifting with about 12 minutes of HIIT afterwards (skipping or sprints). I prefer weightlifting, but the TRX is an amazing workout, and I can tell it really is balancing my strength (one side isn’t as dominant anymore).

      • I have a lot of digestive and hormonal issues…and fatigue (exercise not possible). I also struggle with late night emotional eating 😦 My digestion is horrible…wondering how your meal plan for example would be for digestion…it looks simple.

  2. Eating Clean might help with both. I’m no doctor though:) I started learning about getting my nutrition in check with a book – ‘The Eat Clean Diet Recharged’ by Tosca Reno. I have some digestive issues too, and taking a pro-biotic supplement really helps me. I take a high quality omega 3 supplement too (good for horomones and pretty much overall health).

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